two female condors reproduced without males

The event would have occurred in the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, in which a genetic study to help them determine the relationship between chicks and their parents, a practice that has been done since the 80’s, when the first efforts to prevent the extinction of the species.

While doing the test they realized that two of the children had genetic correspondence with mothers, but with none of the males The ones they had mated with, not even those close to them.

I know they repeated the tests to rule out possible failures in the procedure, but in each of them the result was always the same, the genetic concordance was with their respective mother, that is, they had been born by Partenogenesis, so asexual. This would be the first time that registers something like that in birds.

However, parthenogenesis it is not something so strange as might be thought at first. There are two types: forced, which occurs in various animal species, especially reptiles, in which reproduction dispenses with males entirely.

While the optional, which corresponds to this case, can be taken as alterations, anomalies yet to be identified. This is known because they both had chicks in advance by traditional methods, one had 11 other chicks before and the other 23.

Being anomalies, biology has mechanisms to prevent that from happening, for that reason it was identified that both specimens were of a smaller size to which they should normally have and died prematurely, especially if one takes into account that a Californian condor has a life expectancy of 60 years in captivity approximately.

The first of these chicks passed away before reaching two years and the other one lived almost to meet almost eight years.

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Although there is suspicion that this parteogenesis may be related to an evolutionary theme, in response to the danger of extinction, most experts agree that they are more likely genetic abnormalities and that they are unlikely to contribute to decimate scarcity of specimens, by the little genetic diversity what are they presenting.