Two fishermen found after six weeks in the Pacific

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Godfrey Capelle and Thomas Benjamin survived six weeks in the Pacific. The two Marshall Islands fishermen were on board a small boat, equipped only with an outboard motor.

They were finally able to return to the mainland and docked in Namoluk, the smallest atoll in Micronesia, some 1,600 km from where they left, local officials said on Thursday.

“They were skinny and weak as you would expect after 40 days at sea”, said Marshall Islands Secretary of Health Jack Niedenthal. No information was given on the third person accompanying them at the start, Junior Joram.

Engine problems

The three men left Ebeye Island in the Marshall Islands on April 2 for a fishing trip. However, their boat quickly encountered engine problems, in strong winds and heavy seas, and the search then launched by the coast guard did nothing.

Reports of shipwreck and wandering in the Pacific are not uncommon. In 2006, Mexicans were recovered unharmed in the Marshall Islands after nine months at sea, and in 2014 an Salvadoran was recovered from the same place after nine months of wandering in the Pacific.



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