two gendarmes indicted for illegal possession of firearms

The investigation was launched by the Angers prosecutor’s office. Tof – Photography /

Two gendarmes from the departmental company of Angers were indicted on Wednesday for illicit possession of “several weapons” fire and ammunition, announced the public prosecutor of Angers. “They have admitted the charges and are placed under judicial control with a ban on coming into contact with each other, a ban on exercising the profession of gendarme and a ban on possessing a weapon.“, specifies in his press release the prosecutor Eric Bouillard.

Breach of trust and transfer of arms

The investigation, launched by the prosecution after a report from the Angers gendarmerie group, relates to the “illicit possession of several weapons of categories A, B and C as well as ammunition of these categories». «Acts of breach of trust and transfer of arms are also accused of them“Adds the prosecutor, without giving further details on this case.

Category A weapons are certain firearms (category A1) and war materials (category A2). “It is forbidden to acquire or possess a weapon classified in category A without specific authorization.“, underlines the official site Category B and C weapons are intended for sport shooting and hunting.