Two health workers die from COVID-19 in Barranquilla

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In Barranquilla, the coronavirus continues to claim the lives of personnel associated with the health sector. On Saturday night, the Union of the Metropolitan University Hospital Foundation (Sintrafun) denounced the death of Luis González and Edinson Olmos because of this disease.

Through a video broadcast on social networks, José Camargo, president of the union, explained that the two deceased worked as maintenance workers in the aforementioned healthcare center.

Camargo also maintained that four workers are hospitalized and 16 more were sent home after being diagnosed as positive and / or presenting symptoms: “Some have not had the corresponding epidemiological tests or fences.”

The president of the FHUM union also called on the health authorities to “take action on the matter” due to the lack of resources and supplies for patient care in the midst of the health emergency.

Other cases

In the Atlantic capital, at least nine health workers have lost the battle against COVID-19. The death of Eduardo Rafael Prieto Peralta, a doctor at the Clínica General del Norte, was recently reported; Carlos Stevenson Siciliano, technician from the Barranquilla Health Secretariat; and Kelly Cárcamo Salas, nurse at the General Clinical Organization of the North.

Likewise, the death of Salvador Chimento Güete, anesthesiologist, had been confirmed; by Victor Guerrero, gynecologist; Fabián Palacio, nurse at Cari Mental; and Yomaira Lalch Narváez, nurse and collaborator in the departmental health area.



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