Two houses close in Düsseldorf

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Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof

Two houses close in Düsseldorf – Wuppertal and Krefeld not affected

At Germany’s last large department store chain, 62 of the 172 branches are expected to close. According to a report, Düsseldorf is particularly hard hit – Wuppertal and Krefeld, on the other hand, are spared.

The struggling department store chain Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof closes 62 of its 172 branches in Germany. According to the German Press Agency, two houses are to be closed in Düsseldorf: Karstadt on Schadowstrasse and Kaufhof on Wehrhahn.

Krefeld, where there is a Kaufhauf branch on Hochstraße, and Wuppertal with its branch on Neumarkt are therefore not affected by the closings.

18 branches are to be closed in North Rhine-Westphalia. An overview of the affected locations:

  • Bielefeld (Karstadt department store)
  • Bonn (Karstadt department store)
  • Brühl (Galeria Kaufhof)
  • Dortmund (Galeria Kaufhof)
  • Dortmund (Karstadt department store)
  • Dusseldorf Schadowstrasse (Karstadt department store)
  • Düsseldorf Wehrhahn (Galeria Kaufhof)
  • Essen (Galeria Kaufhof)
  • Essen (Karstadt department store)
  • Gummersbach (Karstadt department store)
  • Gütersloh (Karstadt department store)
  • Hamm (Galeria Kaufhof)
  • Iserlohn (Karstadt department store)
  • Cologne Weiden (Galeria Kaufhof)
  • Leverkusen (Galeria Kaufhof)
  • Mönchengladbach Rheydt (Karstadt department store)
  • Neuss (Galeria Kaufhof)
  • Witten (Galeria Kaufhof)



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