Two kidnapped Haiti missionaries released, 15 others still in custody

Two abducted missionaries have been released in Haiti. The two are part of a group of 17 missionaries and their relatives who were kidnapped just outside the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, last month.

The American organization to which they belong, Christian Aid Ministries, has not yet released the names of the two. Nor could the church organization say anything about the circumstances in which the two were released, or whether they were liberated.

What is clear is that they are “good-humoured” and that they are taken care of. The fifteen others are still in custody, the organization reports.

Million dollar ransom

The missionaries were kidnapped on October 16 by a group called 400 Mawozo, which is behind many more kidnappings, murders and extortion cases. The kidnappers have threatened to kill the hostages. According to local authorities, the group wants a ransom of a million dollars per person.

The US authorities have called on Americans in Haiti to leave because the country is becoming increasingly unsafe and there is a serious shortage of fuel. Canada reported Friday that it would be returning most embassy staff to the country. Only the most necessary personnel remain.