Sports two leagues and to the street

two leagues and to the street


Incredible as it may seem, win two consecutive leagues It is not a guarantee of much on the bench Barcelona. In case of Ernesto Valverde, although extravagant, it is not unusual. Not at least in the history of Barça, where two precedents can be cited, two coaches who left the club after taking the team to a double of correlative leagues.

In 1947 the Barcelona placed the Uruguayan team in charge of the first team Enrique Fernandez, who had been a prominent forward of the club in the last season before the war. He imposed an attacking style ("we must jump to the grass as if we lost 0-1 and only 45 minutes left," he said) that raged Les Corts and took two consecutive League titles (1948 and 1949) in addition to conquering the first Latin Cup and a Super Cup, then called trophy
Eva Duarte. However, in the 1949-50 campaign everything went wrong and Fernández's credit ran out. Dry.

Low credit

Enrique Fernández resisted five months; HH was dismissed 10 days after celebrating the second League

The third season started with bad results and especially a 6-1 in the field of Madrid that hurt a lot. Then, in Eva Duarte, Barça fell against Valencia by a forceful 7-4. A match that the Blaugrana won 2-4 in the 75th minute ended in extra time and the beating was consumed. Fernandez had problems with some players. He had completely removed the defender Jaume Elías. He had argued with César and with the Gonzalvo brothers. He could not stand Samitier, who served as technical secretary and supervised his decisions. Finally, on January 15, 1950, Barça fell in Les Corts with Madrid (2-3) after going with two goals. The wash was impressive and was not the first. After the game, it is explained in the History of FC Barcelona From Jaume Sobrequés, the coach assaulted a journalist "as it seems because he considered certain allusions impertinent." A week later, the defeat in Seville (5-2, but they went 2-2 in the 70th minute) was the tip. Enrique Fernández certified that the players did not love him and presented the resignation. The credit of the two leagues had lasted five months.

From gold to unemployment. Enrique Fernández celebrates the club's golden wedding in November 1949 as a double League champion. Two months later he is no longer the Barcelona coach

From gold to unemployment. Enrique Fernández celebrates the club's golden wedding in November 1949 as a double League champion. Two months later he is no longer the Barcelona coach

More striking was the case of Helenio Herrera in 1960. His credit lasted ten days. The great HH won the League and the Cup in its first year and again the League in the second, the 1959-60 season. Champion was proclaimed on the last day, on April 17. After the game, players and coach went around the Camp Nou with the trophy and some bouquets. The team had the Fairs Cup final on track with a draw in Birmingham in the first leg and the entire Cup was still ahead.

The semifinals of the European Cup were then played against Real Madrid. Barça de Herrera lost both games to the champion of the four previous editions and after the second game (1-3 at Camp Nou, his only defeat at home in two years, after 42 games with 40 wins and a draw, inconsequential ) the board dismissed him. HH was walked on a shoulder by a group of fans in Canaletes and took it with philosophy: he had a new contract agreed with Inter Milan.


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