two men imprisoned for “violence with weapons” against an Afghan refugee, during a demonstration

The facts date back to September 19 between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. A 21-year-old Afghan refugee had lodged a complaint for violence committed against him in Echirolles and then Seyssins, during a demonstration in favor of Commander Massoud. Two men were indicted and imprisoned, says the prosecution

This 21-year-old Afghan refugee had filed a complaint for violence committed against him in Échirolles and then Seyssins on Sunday, September 19 between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

He had explained that he had been taken to task with two of his acquaintances, aged 25 and 26, following his participation in a demonstration in favor of Commander Massoud a few days earlier in Grenoble “ indicates the prosecutor of the Republic of Grenoble Eric Vaillant.

The violence first took place in Echirolles and then continued in Seyssins in front of the victim’s home. The investigation was carried out under the aegis of the prosecution by the gendarmes of the Seyssinet-Pariset brigade and the Grenoble research brigade.

Two attackers, two Afghan brothers aged 20 and 22, in France since 2019, holders of a residence permit, among the fifteen present on the scene were arrested and presented this Sunday, September 26 before the examining magistrate.

They recognize their presence on the scene but deny having struck any blows. They also deny supporting the Taliban and the political motive for the brawl. They claim to have intervened to help a minor friend who was allegedly insulted during a football game “.

They were indicted by the examining magistrate for “death threats, violence with weapons and in a meeting”. The investigation is continuing on the basis of letters rogatory to identify and question other participants in this violence. The liberties and detention judge placed them in pre-trial detention.

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