World Two missiles hit Green Zone in Baghdad

Two missiles hit Green Zone in Baghdad


View of the American embassy in Baghdad on January 3, 2020
Image: AP

Explosions and alarm sirens sound late Wednesday evening in the Iraqi capital: rockets have hit the secured green zone in Baghdad again. There were apparently no injuries.

IIn the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, rockets have once again hit the highly secure green zone. The Iraqi military said that two Katyusha-type rockets fell there late Wednesday evening. There were no injuries. Government television reported that explosions and sirens could be heard.

In Baghdad, two rockets of the same type had already hit the so-called “Green Zone” on Sunday. The embassies of America and Great Britain as well as Iraqi ministries and the parliament are located there. On Saturday, several rockets also hit the center of Baghdad and the Al-Balad Air Force Base, which is located approximately 80 kilometers north of the capital. There were no reports of victims or damage.

In and around the Green Zone in Baghdad, rockets and mortar grenades have fallen several times in the past months and years. Sometimes people were killed or injured.

The situation in Iraq has been very tense since the Iranian general Qassem Soleimani was killed by an American airstrike and a retaliatory strike by Iran against US military bases.

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