Two more centers of rabies revealed in the Tomsk region


16 April 2018 / Tomsk Obzor / A photo:

Experts have discovered foci of rabies in two settlements of the Tomsk region, according to the website Regional Veterinary Administration .

This time the unfavorable points were the village of Tiskino in the Kolpashevsky district and the village of Bondur of the Chain district. The report notes that the main distributors of the virus are foxes, which raid on personal farmsteads. By order of the governor of the region, quarantine for rabies of animals is imposed.

In connection with the migration of wild animals from the territories of neighboring regions, the possibility of introducing a rabies virus into previously safe areas remains.

Recall that earlier quarantine for rabies was introduced two settlements: in Kolpashevo and Tymsk. As a rule, the emergence of these epizootic foci is due to the contact of domestic or hunting dogs with wild foxes.


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