Two offers compete for the Teatro Principal cafeteria

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Burgos City Council has received two offers from businessmen interested in operating the Teatro Principal cafeteria.

The deadline to submit concluded late in the morning This Monday, January 16and the result has been that there are two interested parties in take over the business for the next 10 years. In a forthcoming meeting of the contracting table that carries out the adjudication process, the proposals of the bidders regarding the rental price and the gastronomic offer that they propose will be known.

The administrative procedure will still take several weeks while it is confirmed that the interested parties meet the requirements and the offers made are scored.

The municipal specifications state that the starting price to access this hospitality business is 2,000 euros per month for a period of exploitation time of 10 years. In addition, several reforms are contemplated in the establishment that must be borne by the bidders, although no minimum amount is established.

The previous bidding process, which started in July 2021, was deserted despite the fact that four hoteliers came to present themselves. The first offer that was selected offered up to 4,000 euros plus VAT to take over the cafeteria and restaurant, but would later resign.

The Governing Board agreed at its meeting on November 24 to launch a new administrative process for the Teatro Principal cafeteria, after accepting the resignation of the third of the candidates from the previous contest that began its journey almost a year and a half ago.

The bipartisan decided to restart the call for which on this occasion they hope that there will be greater fortune and the hotel establishment will be able to reopen.

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