Two people remain missing after explosion at Hotel Saratoga

Two people remain under the rubble. five days from the explosion at the hotel Saratoga in Havanawhich has left 97 injured people as a balance, 43 of them deceasedaccording to the last part of the Cuban government.

The search for the two disappeared persons is the center of the work carried out there, the first secretary of the Communist Party in Havana, Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, said on Wednesday, according to a report in the official newspaper. Granma.

The official reported that they are working “intensely” on the rehabilitation of the Concepción Arenal elementary school, in front of the Saratoga, which was hit by the alleged gas explosion in the hotel, and that, he assured, it will be “better than before” for receive children, teachers and other workers.

He also specified that of the 37 families whose homes suffered structural damage, 22 are evacuated to the facilities of the Villa Panamericana, where they receive all the necessary care.

For his part, the Minister of Construction, René Mesa Villafaña, said that on Wednesday night all areas of the hotel must be reached and that the reconstruction work of the recoverable properties affected by the incident has already begun.

He also asserted that excavation work began in the defined area to locate the new building that will need to be built, after ruling the demolition of 512, located at the bottom of the Saratoga.

According to the last part of the Ministry of Public Health, until 6:30 p.m. on May 11, the same situation reported in the noon report remained: of the 97 people who were injured, 16 are hospitalized, 38 patients were discharged and 43 died.

During the day on Wednesday, it transpired the identification of the last fatal victim reported to date by the tragedy last Friday at the tourist facility.

This is Susel Torres García, a 50-year-old hotel waitress and resident of the capital, whose disappearance was reported from the outset on social networks.

“Unfortunately, my cousin Susel was found dead. Light to her soul and may she rest in peace. Light and strength for all the families that have been damaged by this terrible catastrophe at the Saratoga Hotel,” Facebook user Yohan RT reported on his social networks.

With the identification of this last fatal victim, The deceased hotel workers rise to 24 as a result of the explosion triggered by a presumed gas leak, which destroyed a large part of the property, in addition to impacting other nearby buildings.

The day before, the spokesman for the tourist group Gaviota, of the GAESA military consortium, Roberto Enríquez Calzadilla, reported that on the day of the incident, 51 workers were in the hotelof which 23 had died.

The manager explained that of the deceased, five worked in the kitchen; three belonged to the technical services; three to the gastronomy area; three to economics; two, at the reception, another two security, and the same number of members of the board of directors; plus one, respectively, for the accommodation, marketing and insurance areas.

He also clarified that they were reported as missing three workers (two waitresses and a cook), which as of this Wednesday are reduced to two.

The Saratoga hotel was scheduled to reopen its service this May 10, after two years of being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

From its incorporation in 2015 to the island’s tourist market, after a capital restoration, it was focused on high-profile tourism. From that date until the beginning of 2020, important international artists and even members of royalty, such as the singers Beyonce and Madonna, el actor Will Smith y the king of Morocco, Mohammed VI.