two police officers sent to the Criminal Court for violence at the demonstration on 1 May 2019


They appear for "willful acts of violence by a person in charge of the public authority". The facts took place in the Paris procession.

For the first time since the beginning of the "yellow vests" movement, two police officers will be tried in Paris in the criminal court. They appear for "voluntary violence by person holding public authority" for events occurred during the demonstrations of May 1, says the Paris prosecutor. One of the two police officers is accused of throwing a pavement. The second officer compared for face slapping resulting in incapacity for work longer than 8 days.

The public prosecutor of the Paris indicates, moreover, that 146 of the 212 investigations entrusted to the IGPN were closed. Of these, 18 cases resulted in the opening of a judicial inquiry and 54 were closed down. 72 procedures are still being analyzed at the Paris prosecutor's office.


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