Two pskovians suspect tick-borne encephalitis

Two pskovians suspect tick-borne encephalitis

06.06.2018 14:40 CDI, Pskov For the period from May 30 to June 5, 219 people applied to polyclinics and hospitals in the region, including 56 children.

The largest number of mites bitten with tick bites was registered in Pskov (52 people), in Velikiye Luki (24 people), in Rprchka and in the district (16 citizens).

From the Palkinsky, Pechora, Usvyatsky districts there were no complaints.

Immunoglobulin was introduced – 10 people, incl. children – 10 people, (Pskov – 4, Pskov district – 2, Opochetsky district – 1, Pustoshkinsky district – 1, Pushkinogorsk district – 1 people, Pytalovsky district – 1 people).

Two Pskovians, a resident of the Opochetsky district and a resident of the Strugokrasnensky district, are suspected of tick-borne encephalitis, five (three of whom were bitten in Opochka) – borreliosis.

In the microbiological laboratory of the FBUZ “Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Pskov Region” for the reported week, 154 individuals of ticks arrived. One in four found borreliosis, three of 60 had encephalitis.

Doctors call residents of the Pskov region, visiting forests and horticultural partnerships, close to the forest, to observe preventive measures:
– going into the woods, dressing in such a way as to exclude the creeping of the mites under the clothes (pants tuck into the shoes, the shirt into the trousers, tightly fasten the collar and cuffs of the sleeves)
– put on clothes repellents, which can be bought in pharmacies and department stores,
– in the forest to inspect clothing and open areas of the body more often,
– to choose for recreation in the forest dry, sunny, unclouded clearings, where there is no grass stand, thickets of bush. Avoid overgrown shores, do not arrange landfills, since they attract rodents, which are the distributors of ticks,
– Upon returning from the forest, inspect (preferably in non-residential premises) clothes, body, bouquets, baskets, bags, and also animals if they took them with them. Remove mites from animals with either tweezers or gloves. Remove the ticks burned, do not crush it with your hands,
– use only boiled goat and cow’s milk,
– After a tick bite, contact the office of infectious diseases at the address: Pskov, ul. Kuznetskaya, 23, the State AIDS Center; ul. School d. 24 polyclinic of the Main Clinical Hospital of the Pskov Interdistrict Polyclinic.

Also it is necessary to remember, that tick-borne encephalitis and wild animals, livestock, dogs and birds are ill.

Studies of mites on the tick-borne encephalitis virus antigen are carried out in the laboratories of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Pskov Region (Pskov, Gogol St., 21a, telephone 66-42-80, Velikiye Luki, Timiryazev St. 9) . Insects are taken daily from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00, except on Saturdays and Sundays.

In Pskov, mites are seized at a trauma center (Kommunalnaya, 23, phone 56-55-63).

Analyzes are paid. The study of the tick on the encephalitis virus costs 500 rubles; on encephalitis, borreliosis, anaplasmosis, erlichiosis – 1100 rubles.

The Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology and all its branches in the region have a license for disinfection (destruction of insects) and deratization (destruction of rodents) work and are ready to process modern patches, including garden, from mosquitoes and mites at a price of 1059.60 rubles per 1000 square meters (phone 66-42-93).

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