two radars set on fire on the ring road

The firefighters intervened in Rezé on Friday June 25 in the early morning to extinguish two fires on automatic radars.

19 firefighters intervened at 5.30 am to extinguish automatic radar fires of the “double-sided” type, which make it possible to photograph the front and rear of the vehicle to better identify the driver. The two torched radars are located face to face on the Nantes ring road, Porte des Sorinières in Rezé. Both fires were extinguished simultaneously.

The radars were ignited by means of tire lights

The radars were ignited by means of tire lights

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Road managers secured the fire extinguishing operation.

These were ignited with tire lights. The police attended.

Radar degradation is a crime. The author risks up to 75,000 euros in fines and 5 years imprisonment for the destruction of a radar. If it is a group or an individual hiding his face in order not to be recognized, the penalty is even heavier: up to 100,000 euros fine and 7 years imprisonment.

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