Two rappers in jail on suspicion of organized crime (VIDEO)

Two very popular rap artists were arrested in the United States this week on suspicion of, among other things, extortion. The rapper Gunna was arrested in Atlanta on Wednesday, Young Thug was arrested on Monday. The two are suspects in the same investigation into a large group of suspects. The investigation against the criminal organization, with 28 suspects, focuses on 56 suspicions, including murders and extortion.


Gunna (real name Sergio Kitchens) is suspected of co-perpetrating criminal extortion and drug trafficking. Young Thug (real name Jeffery Williams) is suspected of being one of the founders of the street gang Young Slime Life, which is at the center of the investigation and allegedly responsible for a series of assaults and (fatal) shootings, between 2012- 2022. Young Thug won a Grammy in 2019 for his contribution to writing the track “This Is America”.

YSL is a gang associated with “youth gang” the Bloods on a national level.

Both rappers have to answer to a court in Fulton County (Atlanta).


According to the indictment, Williams and Kitchens had traded quantities of methamphetamine, hydrocodone and marijuana in 2017. In 2018 they were arrested in a car in which a large arsenal was transported, including an AK-47.

Williams’ lawyer has reported in local media posed that his client denies the facts.