Two Residents of Indrapuri Shot by OTK to Death, Police Hunt for Perpetrators

SERAMBINEWS.COM, BANDA ACEH – Two Aceh Besar residents named Maimun (38) and Ridwan (38) were shot by an unknown person (OTK) in Aneuk Glee Village, Indrapuri District, Aceh Besar District, Thursday (12/5/2022) night.

“It is true, there has been a shooting incident against two residents of Indrapuri, Aceh Besar. Both died after being treated at the hospital,” said Head of Public Relations of the Aceh Police, Kombes Winardy, in his statement, Friday (13/5/2022) morning.

In short, Winardy said that the incident began when the victim returned from the garden to his house on a motorbike. In the middle of the road, suddenly the victim was shot by the perpetrator and fell.

The victim was also taken to the hospital for medical assistance. However, both of them died.

Currently, said Winardy, the Aceh Police Jatanras Team and the Aceh Besar Police Satreskrim are still investigating and hunting for the perpetrators of the shooting.

“This case is still being investigated. We are still looking for the culprit. We will inform you of the progress later,” Winardy closed briefly.

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