Two Russian oil refineries were attacked by drones

Moscow reports that Ukrainian artillery has struck the city inside Russia three times this week.

According to the information, on May 31, drone strikes were carried out on two oil refineries in Russia, and 5 people were killed as a result of artillery strikes in the territory of eastern Ukraine occupied by Russia.

Reuters agency writes that the Ukrainian side has not yet commented on this Russian information.

Governor of Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov said that 4 people were injured in Shebekino settlement, and a residential building, four houses and a school were damaged as a result of artillery strikes.

Two days ago, Gladkov reported that two industrial facilities in the settlement were attacked.

Reuters writes that both sides claim to have hit the other’s troop concentrations.

Officials appointed by Moscow in the Luhansk region of Ukraine said that the Ukrainian Carpathian village was struck by US-made HIMARS missiles.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that 22 attacks by Russian troops were repelled in the east of the country, and Ukrainian military aircraft carried out 11 airstrikes on the personnel and military equipment of the Russian army.

Freedom radio

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2023-06-01 04:50:15