Two ruthless thieves torture a handicapped gramoune, sticking a fork in his eye

This January 18, 2021, the two very alcoholic twenty-somethings then fled, leaving their victim on the ground and bathed in his blood. But finally, they had turned around and returned to the apartment to seize the bank card of the seriously injured gramoune.

Quickly identified, the two alleged perpetrators had been arrested and indicted for theft with violence from a vulnerable person. If during the hearings, Krishna R. recognized a good part of the facts, Hassan A. played the innocent. Except that while he was in pre-trial detention, a letter written from his cell to the attention of his mother had been intercepted. He indicated there “having done something stupid and regret”. An admission of guilt for the investigators.

The alleged co-authors, known to justice, appear from this Monday morning and until tomorrow evening before the criminal court, the formation which judges the criminal acts punishable by a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. Five magistrates will deliver their verdict on Tuesday. The two 20-somethings face 15 years in prison.