Two singers try to convince Andi Tóth

On Sunday, Sztár returns to Sztár with another round. On tomorrow’s show the competitors compete not only individually, but also in duels. Barbara Schoblocher and Petra Gubik staring at each other as Christina Aguilera. The two contestants showed their best form week after week in front of the judges and the spectators. However, in the last broadcast, this series was broken for Gubik Petra, because she failed to win the jury’s favor in the image of Azahriah. While Barbara’s Lisa Minnelli received almost maximum points, only Andi Tóth scored it lower.

Photo: Gábor Markovics / Bors

A joint production rather than a duel

A two ladies will have to take on the role of Christina Aguilera on Sunday in order to impress everyone with one of the pop diva’s songs this time. TV2 reporter Bence Vavra was told how they are preparing for tomorrow’s duel.

They are dueling each other
Photo: TV2

“We got a unique and technical song from the singer. We don’t think of this as a duel, we would rather call it a joint production” said Barbara Schoblocher, who also told us that she needed support during the rehearsals. In the middle of the week, he was quite unsure of how to coordinate Aguilera’s voice and movements. In such cases, it was Petra who supported him and poured his soul into him.

I will need Barbara’s support much more on Sunday, because the two productions are an additional source of tension for me. But we are both ready to compromise so that we can bring a well-rounded production to the stage on Sunday”

Petra Gubik took the floor.

Perhaps with this production, the girls can even soften the heart of Andi Tóth, who is getting stricter every week. His scoring principle is that only perfect productions get a 10, and on his professional screen, everyone will usually get upset about something.