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Original title: Two consecutive victories!World Table Tennis Championships Chinese Women’s Team 3-0 Puerto Rico Chen Meng Wang Manyu encountered a small challenge

On October 2nd, Beijing time, the 2022 ITTF 56th World Table Tennis Team Championships (Final) Chengdu entered the third competition day at the Chengdu High-tech Zone Gymnasium. In the second round of the women’s team, the Chinese women’s team drew away to face the Puerto Rico women’s team. Chen Meng and Wang Manyu, who played the first and second singles in this match, both encountered a strong impact from their opponents. Fortunately, they relied on more at critical moments. In order to win with strong strength, the three players all lost a game, defeated their opponents 3-0 with a big score, and welcomed the two-game winning streak in the group stage.

Wang Manyu 3-0 (12-10, 11-4, 11-5) Adriana Diaz

In the first game, Wang Manyu faced Adriana Diaz (one single). In the first game, Wang Manyu served first. Diaz made many mistakes at the start and scored the first point 1-3 by serving. Then Diaz gradually found his own game rhythm, Wang Manyu did not have the rhythm to match his opponent, and the Puerto Rican girl scored 3 points in a row and overtook 4-3. During the stalemate, Diaz used his violent flicks to score consecutively. Wang Manyu tenaciously chased to 9-9. After wasting a game point, he used his opponent’s continuous fast-paced confrontation to make a forehand mistake and won the first game 12-10.

In the second game, Diaz took the lead, Wang Manyu began to distribute more landing points to the opponent’s forehand after experiencing a passive start, and took the lead 5-3 with the rotation of the backhand. However, despite the hot serve, Diaz failed to play the backhand straight line he wanted most. Wang Manyu combined the rhythm with speed and rhythm, and rubbed the serve 10-4 to get the game point. Diaz’s fighting style A mistake in receiving and serving allowed Wang Manyu to win another victory 11-4.

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In the third game, Wang Manyu took the lead in serving the ball. She used the delivery of the ball to constantly mobilize her opponent. In the opening 4-1, she forced her opponent to apply for a timeout. When he returned to the game, Diaz still used a violent backhand to connect the serve and fast break routine, and even scored 3 points and 4-4. Wang Manyu, who stabilized his position in time, seized the opportunity of the opponent’s chasing and eager to use the scattered line again to make Diaz make repeated mistakes. In the defensive counterattack, he forced Diaz to hit the net with his backhand 10-5 to get the inventory, and Diaz made a forehand error of 5. -11 lost another game, Wang Manyu scored the first point for the Chinese team with a big score of 3-0.

Chen Meng 3-0 (12-10, 11-9, 11-4) Danielle Rios

In the second game, the Chinese team played Chen Meng against Danielle Rios. In the first game, Chen Meng took the lead. Rios started the game fiercely, with a backhand shot, a long serve and a 3-1 lead in a row. . Chen Meng immediately made a change and delivered the ball to the opponent’s forehand, but her backhand was often hit by the opponent and could not find the best hitting point. Rios won the game point 10-8, and her mentality fluctuated at the critical moment. , his own mistakes sent 4 points in a row, 10-12 lost a game first.

In the second game, Rios took the lead in serving. At 5-3, Chen Meng ate two consecutive serves from the opponent, but the stalemate made Rios very uncomfortable. As the game deepened, Chen Meng began to control the game. Rhythm, Rios made more and more mistakes in the attack, and the backhand mistakes allowed Chen Meng to score 5 points in a row and get the game point 10-5, but at the critical moment Chen Meng made 4 consecutive mistakes, and urgently applied for a timeout and returned to the game. Chen Meng steadied his position and won the forehand straight, 11-9 and another victory.

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In the third game, Chen Meng served first, and Rios scored 2 edge-to-edge points as soon as he came up, but this game clearly shows that Chen Meng was more able to calm down and deal with his opponent patiently. Forcing the opponent to make mistakes, Chen Meng won the third game 11-4, defeated Rios 3-0 with a big score, and scored the second point for the Chinese team.

Wang Yidi 3-0 (11-1, 11-2, 11-3) Melanie Diaz

In the third match, Wang Yidi, who made her debut at the World Table Tennis Championships, faced Melanie Diaz. In the first game, Wang Yidi took the lead. She led 3-0 at the beginning. She made a backhand mistake and scored the first point. Compared with Adriana, Melanie’s style of play was more stable, which made Wang Yidi almost no challenge, and 11-1 quickly took the lead.

In the second game, Melanie Diaz took the lead in serving. She changed her serving tactics as soon as she came up, but she couldn’t keep up with the subsequent fight, and a forehand error gave Wang Yidi an 11-2 victory.

In the third game, Wang Yidi was the first to serve. As a recruit of the World Table Tennis Championships, Wang Yidi’s facial expression was very relaxed, and he completely suppressed his opponent in every link. He led 4-0 at the beginning, and only after forehand fighting did he let his opponent win the first place. One point, in the case of 1-9, Melanie Diaz served directly and scored another point. Wang Yidi hit the backhand on the spot, and the forehand scored 11-3 to win the third game, with a big score of 3 -0 scored the third point for the Chinese team. The Chinese women’s team defeated Puerto Rico 3-0 and won two consecutive victories in the group stage.

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According to the schedule, the Chinese women’s team will face the third opponent in the group stage at 16:00 Beijing time on October 3.

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