Two-time Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis arrested on sexual offense

Canadian director Paul Haggis, a two-time Osar prize winner, has been detained in Italy on suspicion of committing a sexual offense, MTI writes, citing the Italian prosecutor’s office.

The 69-year-old arrived at a film festival in Ostuni, Puglia, on Tuesday. The Italian news agency LaPresse and other Italian agencies have also brought down a statement from the Brindisi prosecutor’s office that an investigation has been launched against him based on a report from a young woman. The woman claimed to have been raped.

Prosecutors Antonio Negro and Livia Orlando say the woman needed medical help after the stories. It is known that after several days of forced sexual intercourse, the woman was escorted by a man to Sunday at Brindisi Airport, where he was “left alone despite his physical and mental state.” According to La Repubblica, the woman was in a hotel room with the man for three days.

Haggis’ lawyer has not yet responded to the information. The prosecution said the airport staff and police had noticed the woman’s confusion and had been taken to the Brindisi police headquarters after first aid and then to a local hospital for investigation. The woman then filed a complaint. Police have not provided details of the case, so far as to know that the woman is English. Haggis’ family joined the director from America on Sunday, and they asked to hear Haggis as soon as possible because the man “declares himself completely innocent.”

Haggis is a screenwriter, film producer, and film and television director. He received an Oscar in 2006 for directing his drama Collisions. He wrote the screenplay for The Million Dollar Baby and Casino Royale. Incidentally, several women were accused of sexual harassment during the Harvey Weinstein scandal, although the director denied this.

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