Two women have given sons to the musician Andris Ērglis during six months

According to the musician, his private life has changed a lot. The third common offspring – a son named Mārtiņš – was born into the world by Ērglis’ wife Kristīne. But soon Ērgli and his son were blessed by another woman – Smiltene choir manager Zane Megne. This boy is named Theodore.

“So it has become interesting in my life that my youngest son Teodors has a year and two months, but Mārtiņš has a year and eight months,” Ērglis told the magazine.

Esther and Walter also grow up in the family of Eagle and his wife Kristine, who, like her father, are musically gifted and already playing instruments.

Extramarital affairs

The magazine “Kas Jauns” already wrote about the relationship between Andris Ērglis and Zane Megne two years ago – in August 2017, the magazine even received an anonymous letter stating that Andris and Zane were expecting a baby together. At the time, they both categorically denied having a romantic relationship, and Zane stressed that he was expecting his baby from a completely different man.

The fact that Ērglis, who has been married to Kristīne Ērglis – a popular hairdresser in Liepāja for fourteen years – has a novel with another woman – Smiltene choir manager Zani Megni – was told in Smiltene three years ago. Back in the summer of 2016, the couple carefully hid their mutual likes from others, but already at the beginning of the next year, they both no longer avoided expressions of sympathy in the presence of other people – Andris and Zane were seen walking down Smiltene streets, and the musician often spent the night with his Smiltene girlfriend.

At that time, Andris Ērglis just laughed at these speeches. “We are really good friends, if not more. She is the kind of person I have talked to about things that I have not allowed to talk to friends I spend time with on a daily basis. I really can’t deny this friendship, ”Andris Ērglis told the magazine” Kas Jauns “at the beginning of 2017. He emphasized that he had been going to Smiltene for four years now, because he was friends with the youth choir Lido, where Zane is the choir manager. And when she is on Smiltene’s side, Andris stays with Zane and her mother Ilze Megne, who is the choir’s concertmaster, overnight.

But when information appeared last September that Zane Megne was pregnant and the father of the unborn child was Andris Ērglis, he even became angry. “There are no limits to human imagination and imagination! I will not comment on anything! ” said the musician. Zane Megne explained: “Andris and I have a really close friendship. He is one of my closest friends. Andris visits me, we keep in touch by phone. As I deal with management, we have many different activities in which we are involved. Thanks to the work, we also met three and a half years ago. But we haven’t had a romantic relationship – we’ve just become very good friends. “

However, when Zane became a mother in February 2018, the people of Smilten knew that the child was given the name Teodors, but in the surname he was Ērglis. In addition, Andris and Zane are raising their babies together and have moved to Pieriga, where they rent an apartment in one of the new project houses. On weekends, the trio is often seen in Smiltene, where they visit Zane’s mother. And the fact that Zane really lives in Pieriga could be deduced from the fact that in her profile on the social network at Christmas 2017, she posted a photo with a Christmas tree in an apartment that is really located in a new project house in Pieriga. In addition, this photo was accompanied by the text: “Christmas. Family.”

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