Two women request assisted suicide in Canada for living in deplorable conditions

Of the canadian women chose to end his life through a euthanasiaand this decision was made after living in deplorable life conditions. One of them has already done it. The other, she’s about to make it.

It is about a 51-year-old woman, known as Sophia, who is supposed to be the victim of a severe sensitivity to chemical productswho had been unsuccessfully asking for affordable, smoke- and industrial-cleaner-free housing for years and, not receiving it, ended up making the request.

The request for his assisted death was approved and granted in February of this year. The other woman, 31 years old, known as Denise, who suffers from a similar pathology, also requested end his lifeafter not being able to find a home adapted to their needs, CTV News reported.

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Case of two Canadian women opens debate

The cases of the two women have exposed the facility that people have in Canada to be able to end his life for the sole fact of not finding a solution to his problem.

For activists, the cases have come to represent Canada’s inattention to its most vulnerable citizens and raised questions about how assisted suicide laws are enforced.

But experts have warned that the cases are also being used by groups that oppose medical assistance in dying in an attempt to roll back the legislation, rather than looking at how governments can better people living with disabilities.

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