Two-year-old baby dies from overdose in Italy due to drug use

Dead baby Nicolo Paltrin [코리에레 델라 세라 공식 트위터 캡처]

A two-year-old baby died from an overdose of drugs in Longarone, northeastern Italy.

According to the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, police are investigating the death of 2-year-old Niccolò Paltrin’s father, 43-year-old Diego, on charges of manslaughter.

Diego, a lumberjack, went to the hospital emergency room with a baby in his arms on the evening of July 28, and the baby, who had already had a weak heartbeat, was declared dead that night.

Diego claimed that police interrogated him when he saw the baby put something in his mouth in a nearby park and had him spit it out, but he did not wake up after falling asleep.

However, even though the police even mobilized a poison testing team to search the park thoroughly, no suspicious substances were found.

However, an autopsy of the baby revealed that the cause of death was a large dose of hashish, an Indian marijuana, and a hair test revealed cocaine and heroin.

An autopsy also suggested that the baby may have taken cocaine and heroin in recent months.

After searching the family’s home, the police found hashish, cocaine, and heroin found in the baby’s body throughout the house, and hashish was detected in a cup on the table next to the baby’s crib.

Police believe that the baby swallowed the parent’s drug and charged his father Diego with manslaughter.

Diego responded to the police subpoena, but appeared with his hair shaved to destroy evidence as if he was expecting a drug test.

The mother, who was at work at the time of the baby’s death, is said to have disobeyed police summons.

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