The baby’s mother has warned of the dangers of physicians and parents

“We children waited until June” – so I was told by the rheumatologist in the hospital where we arrived may 18, Marusia, – says Anna I want to talk about over our disease, that it could warn someone, I write mom, asking about how sick daughter, what signs, what to look out for.

Perhaps what happened to us, will be able to help and doctors will pay attention to the danger signs early, and not, as happened to us when it was too late…”

In the West such cases are already hundreds. Doctors do not understand. As initially all calmed, they say, the younger children carry the coronavirus is very easy. And suddenly, about April, after two months after the arrival of a mass epidemic, around the world began to see cases of a strange disease among kids. The average ages 0 to 5 years, but there are older.

First of all hospitalized with suspected Kawasaki syndrome, a rare disease with a high fatality rate that causes necrotizing lesions of arteries, one of the first symptoms is a rash on the feet and handles, resembling Allergy. Ultrasound immediately shows changes in the heart muscle. Sick children of both sexes, boys and girls.

“The first sign of the new syndrome – a weird rash on the hands and feet”.

When these episodes became many scientists have suggested that it is still not “Kawasaki”, and probably very similar severe complication COVID-19, which now I think can sometimes occur in children even after asymptomatic infection. It is believed that this is also a cytokine storm, like the elderly, organoborane reaction of the immune system, but, unlike the old, delayed in time. It’s just a theory, just no one can not yet say.

In France, the baby died, three in the United States. We all later found has tested positive for the coronavirus. Before that, according to parents, children never were ill.

In the U.S. state of new York in recent months were recorded 102 similar cases, and all around the country at the end of may, they counted 164 in 17 States.

“The first sign of the new syndrome – a weird rash on the hands and feet”.

The mother of a two-year Muscovite Marousi P. told “MK” that led to the death of her daughter and what signs should immediately pay attention to: “If doctors had been warned in advance that this could start in Russia, especially if carried out on a ZOOM conference with experts from other countries who are already faced with this terrible syndrome, why in the emergency room aren’t alerted and didn’t recognize what it could be?”

According to Anna, such as the coronavirus Mary was not sick. However, for three and a half weeks before the incident the child for a few days and the temperature rose to 39-40 degrees, and then it passed. “Me too, three days shivering, I awoke from a night that just started to shake… put it down to nerves due to illness of daughter. We were given a before I with the eldest son had a CT scan – showed nothing. Marusya, too, everything was clear.”

The child was admitted to the Moscow children’s hospital in the evening of 18 may. At that time the symptoms were as follows: 7 days fever 37,5-39,5. Last night the temperature knocks bad diarrhea, swollen red eyes, bright lips, and most importantly – suspicious rash on the palms and feet.

This is how happening on Anna.

“In the waiting room were seen by a doctor, to my direct question, like the Kawasaki syndrome or not, I said no, it’s allergies. You have a high white count.

A day before the blood test. Leukocytes have not yet been. Swabbed for COVID-19. Put in the infectious diseases Department. Came the doctor on duty… She did not rule out “Kawasaki”, appointed from aspirin, went to watch the platelets. Unfortunately, the shift came to an end early in the morning, and she went home…

From me waved. What do you want? The temperature of the child, she enteroviral rash, we put you antibiotics, calm down already. Did ultrasound of the heart. Ultrasound was good. We, full of hope, went back.”

Anna says that the long-awaited rheumatologist, but those were not. They just didn’t call. Although it is precisely those professionals who treat Kawasaki disease.

“The rash has spread throughout the body.

Again, I ran to find the doctor. By that time talked to me already the head of the infection Department. To the question, why is the child breathing, the answer was: higher lay on the pillow. But she was a wild shortness of breath already!

“Anna spent with her daughter in the hospital in the “clean area” for a few terrible days.”

To the question about the bloody nose, the pediatrician said spray washing means. At this point the child burst blood vessels and bleeding into the stomach. Kawasaki it or not, I asked a hundred times a day. The answer was: Kawasaki girl is not sick (alas, it is not – “MK”).

Finally called rheumatologists. Do not tire of thanking these people. The doctor looked at the baby, immediately suspected of Kawasaki, and in the end of the night we prescribed IVIG. I bow to the nurse who stayed up all night, and every hour changed the charge of the medication.

The doctor said to keep track of any changes on the body. The night became easier. But, alas, the nurse’s shift came to an end, 7 the morning she left. Then I started to not understand that.

Child is no longer dripping immunoglobulin at 6 am, and the nurse said that at 9 a.m. will continue. No 9am or 10 or 11 or 12 she did not! Absolutely nothing! Moreover, she was getting worse, and I ran down the corridor, looking for at least one paramedic.

I was told that I was not alone, and before we put an IV, you have all the other children to take blood, in the end we were the last.

My child was choking… Finally we decided to move in rheumatology. Did an ultrasound, there was a functional small change… we decided to put on a night in the intensive care unit. From there, she never came back.

Physician of the intensive care unit who accepted it – this is a brilliant physician who is also a man with a capital letter. Who was there explained, supported and treated. I thought everything will be fine, but his shift ended…”

The swelling has reached epic proportions, nurses endlessly poured all new dropper. Marusya took it to prepare for dialysis. “Carried a heavy child that even though something might say, and even began to hold his bottle, and returned after 40 minutes, almost lifeless body…”

Further intonirovanie, sedation, days in this condition, and death…. Anna dying daughter was not allowed – his mother didn’t have the smear on the coronavirus.

Shortly before the end, she drove home to sleep and eat for the first few days, promised that it will miss back, but.

“She left without me… this story many questions. I hope the doctors did everything they could. But! Give clear instructions to the emergency room, why am I not having medical education, talked about the syndrome, and the doctor called it an Allergy? I begged for help… I clearly pointed out at the weird wild symptoms”.

As I said to Anna, Marusya in the blood were detected antibodies to the coronavirus IgM – apparently, in the acute phase of the disease. It is suspected that COVID-19 could run the same postoronnii syndrome, reminiscent of Kawasaki.

“We took from the hospital records, and there – however, there is information about the antibodies to COVID-19. The main question and my pain. Why, if Western colleagues warned about the possible appearance of such children, if such was known, did nothing? Perhaps someone this information will help save, but not my Mary…”

On his page in the social network, Anne wrote, what should be paid attention to:

“I want to tell you about the symptoms that were at Maroussi.

The doctor said that this disease is at all different. But there is a certain set, which, apparently, should be alarmed.

Rash. Any rash may cause the issue. We started from the feet and palms. Then spread a lot stronger and brighter.

Red puffy eyes. Bright lips, vivid language. Inflamed lymph nodes. Marusya was in the neck.

Possible diarrhea. Well temperature. Temperature more than 4-5 days. She grilled and fried this temperature.

Then added symptoms such as infinitely inflamed gums, nasal mucosa, etc. in short, if the fever lasts more than 4-5 days, don’t wait any further, ask for tests, consider the child through a magnifying glass. In the analysis it is necessary to look at the platelets. They are increasing, although there is better to show all the tests the doctors”.

PS According to the “MK” in Moscow at the moment, hospitals are several children with similar symptoms. However, official confirmation of this yet.

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