Two years of work before sending the balloon and basket into the air

The flight of the stratospheric balloon

After two years of preparation, the gondola comprising various instruments for studying electronics, chemistry and physics, designed by students from Montesquieu college, was sent to the stratosphere.

The stratospheric balloon project has finally come to an end and was launched from the CNRS by taking the pod: “This project was carried out in partnership with engineering students from the Polytech school of the University of Orléans, the college Montesquieu and our association Aid for educational and cultural equipment (Aesco), ”said Célestin Ebisssou, President of Aesco.

35 kilometers above sea level

The balloon was to rise to an altitude of 35 kilometers and the gondola parachuted in the Ouzouer-le-Marché sector in the Loir-et-Cher: “It’s interesting to welcome students in our physics laboratory and environmental and space chemistry at the CNRS ”, explained Gilles Chalumeau and Stéphane Chevrier, volunteers at Planète sciences.

The college students followed the launch with great interest: “I learned a lot about the sensors, the stabilization of the shuttle and its insulation. It was very informative, ”confirmed Seona, a third-grader.

The balloon went missing before being discovered in a field

However, the denouement of the story is rather funny. The signal to locate him was lost after an hour and a half of flight; Gilles Chalumeau and Stéphane Chevrier went to the landing zone, but found nothing: “At 5:30 pm, my wife contacted me. She had just found the basket, by chance, in Saint-Denis-en-Val, in a field on her way home from work. It therefore did not land where it was planned. The photos are very beautiful, ”confirmed Éric Venaille, professor of physics and chemistry at Collège Montesquieu and head of the science club.