two young men with serious gunshot wounds

They were targeted by an individual arriving on an electric scooter. The judicial police are in charge of the investigation.

Two men aged 20 and 22 were seriously injured by bullets on the night of Saturday August 20 to Sunday August 21 in Grenoble, the shooter remaining on the run, police and Grenoble public prosecutor Éric Vaillant said on Sunday. .

The two young men,unfavorably knownof the police and justice services, were stationary on two scooters, at the corner of rue Rozan and boulevard du Maréchal Foch. They seemed “to wait for something or someone“, when they were targeted by “an individual“arriving”on an electric scooter“. The man fired at the victims several times before fleeing.

The first victim, aged 20, started his scooter before collapsing a hundred meters away, hit in the back. The second victim, aged 22, ran away and also collapsed, hitting the hand and leg. The vital prognosis of the 20-year-old man remains engaged while that of the 22-year-old man is no longer, specifies Éric Vaillant. The prosecution entrusted the investigation to the Grenoble judicial police. The Grenoble prosecutor’s office indicates that it has been seized for five attempted murders since the beginning of the summer (June 30, July 7, July 17, August 3 and August 21).

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