Txarango postpones the Clownia until next year due to the “uncertainty” of the moment

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Txarango announced yesterday through social media that he is postponing the edition of the Clownia festival to be held at the end of next June and the move to next year, specifically from 24 to 27 June. The group explains that it has taken the decision “after the announcement of the escalation plan of the Spanish government and its lack of concretion, with the uncertain future that this means for the possible realization of concerts and festivals in the medium term.” He also reports that the tickets purchased will be used for next year’s edition, although there is also the option to claim a refund. “We are regaining full joy, which we will embrace again soon, take care,” says the group, and announces that the next edition will be the “most special and bright.”

The eighth edition was to take place in Sant Joan de les Abadesses between 25 and 28 June. In December last year and in just four days all tickets for this edition of the event were sold out. Clownia is the festival created and organized by the group, and this year they planned to perform there to say goodbye to their home as well.

The farewell will have to wait

The lineup also announced yesterday that it is canceling the farewell tour The great circus and that he is studying how to convert it. The group said the COVID-19 crisis had “blown up” all its plans. Txarango states that The great circus it is “a very complex tour, with many specificities that make it virtually impossible to move in time.” However, he says that they are “fully committed to scheduling new concerts to welcome all those who have their tickets and, of course, return the money to all those who want it or can not come to these new concerts.” .

“We have been putting all the energy of our lives into the project of a tour as special as it is complex for more than a year,” says the group, which also criticizes that the institutions have not taken “any concrete measures for the world of music.” live and we have no horizon to catch on to ».

The tour with which the group wanted to say goodbye to the public was to start on June 12 in Vic and was to last until May next year, when it was planned to offer a concert in a place still not revealed. The tour was to take place on 11 and 12 July in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, on 13 and 14 November in Olot and on 26 and 27 February 2021 in Girona.

What is not postponed is the release of his fourth studio work, which will be published on June 19 and comes just three years after The heart of the earth (2017).



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