Type of change: as Well quoted the dollar during the morning of this Monday, June 01,

The type of change begins the month with a quote S/3.430level , interbank, for this Monday, June 01.

On the day 78 of the state of emergency, the banks quoted the dollar at an approximate S/ 3.402 for the purchase and S/ 3.466 for sale.

On the previous day the u.s. currency registered a fall of 0.28%, according to figures from Bloomberg. But, so far, in the year accumulates a increase of 3.50%, according to the Central Bank of Reserve

This decline is due to the fact that the us currency was affected by the increasing steadily of the euro after the recovery plan announced by the European Union, according to Reuters.

However, the dollar maintained a certain degree of support due to the inverionistas continues attentive to the tensions between The united states and China.

It is worth mentioning that, this morning, the u.s. currency still does not register any change in the peruvian market.



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