Tyrolean ski star rejects corona vaccination

On Tuesday afternoon, Franziska Gritsch from Ötztal spoke on social media about the corona vaccination. Since she is not vaccinated, she will miss the ski races in America this year.

Your posting should cause a stir. The 24-year-old Tyrolean ski racer Franziska Gritsch has published her rejection of the corona vaccination. “Life leads us to crossroads where we have to make choices. My decision is that I am currently not vaccinated. I think it’s a very personal and individual decision and I want it to be accepted and also respected, ”she writes on hers facebook-Page.

“I stay true to myself”

Since Gritsch is not vaccinated, she will not be at this year’s ski races in America. It was not the easiest decision for her, but she has learned from the past, according to her own statements, “to stand behind what you are convinced of, to remain true to yourself and to be yourself”.


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