Tyumen honey. staff cured a patient with stage 4 cancer


In Tyumen, the medical staff of the “Medical City” successfully treated the patient with stage 4 cancer. But surgical intervention was impossible. At the end of the previous year, the man began to experience periodic toothache, which for a while did not pay much attention, but when the pain began to increase, I decided to go to the dental hospital. The patient drew attention to disturbing feelings only after that, when the pain began to increase. Professionals removed two teeth, but the patient’s condition did not improve. Moreover, there was a swelling of the cheek, the jaw was deformed, and besides it there was a continuous nasal congestion. The man was referred to a magnetic resonance imaging. The examination showed the presence of a tumor. It is worth pointing out that after 1.5 months, health workers again expect a man for a follow-up checkup, informs the Medical Center of Medical Center “Medical City”. The medical staff of the oncological dispensary was diagnosed with cancer of the left maxillary sinus of the 4th stage. By this time, the man had a broken upper jaw, and there were ulcers on his face. As “FederalPress” was informed in the press center of GAUS “MKMC” Medical City “, tyumen had ulcerous changes on the face, the upper jaw was destroyed, and the maxillary sinus was filled with a tumor measuring 7 centimeters. Metastases were not found in the patient, “added the doctor of the department of head and neck tumors GAUZ TO MKMC” Medical City ” Julia Druzhinina . Because of the impossibility to remove education surgically, honey. the staff assigned a full high-tech innovative treatment, which includes a combination of selective intraarterial regional chemotherapy and radiation exposure. The essence of the method is that the chemotherapeutic drug is injected into the patient through the catheter system directly into the arterial vessels that feed the tumor area. Honey. the employees decided to conduct a complex high-tech innovative treatment in the form of radiation therapy in combination with selective intraarterial regional chemotherapy. The patient was already discharged from the hospital. “Thus, we receive an innovative, highly effective complex treatment,” commented the head of the Department of X-ray surgical methods of diagnosis and treatment of the GAUZ of the Medical Municipal Medical Center “Medical City” Lavrenti Dyakov .


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