Tyumentsev check in the "Palatki of Health"

Tyumentsev check in the "Palatki of Health"

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Tyumen Center for Medical Prevention, Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine, together with employees of city polyclinics No. 12 and No. 17, deployed the “Health Tent” in the “Crystal” shopping and entertainment center. Everyone could completely check their health for free and undergo an examination of the cardiovascular system.
120 people took part in the action: of them, high blood pressure was detected in 36, excess of body mass index – 45, elevated blood sugar and cholesterol level in 23. Four patients underwent pathological changes during ECG.
Also events took place in all cities of the south of the Tyumen region. For example, in Ishim, a prophylactic campaign “Free Breath” was held in the polyclinic. It was aimed at detecting violations of the respiratory system, in particular, vasomotor rhinitis. Wishing to be surveyed was very much – more than 80 people. By appointment, the doctor took 52 patients with complaints of persistent nasal congestion. Of the 47 examined, the diagnosis of “vasomotor rhinitis” was confirmed. 14 residents will be operated.
The constant clinical examination is gaining momentum – residents of the region are turning to polyclinics for planned preventive examinations. In the medical examination of the adult population in the Tyumen region, 30 medical organizations of various forms of ownership participate. According to data for the first quarter of 2018, 74 thousand 234 people completed the first and second stages of the medical examination, which was 31% of the annual plan.
During the examinations, for the first time, 4,842 diseases were identified, including diseases characterized by high blood pressure, 1,130 cases, 26 cases of coronary heart disease, 58 cases of diabetes mellitus, four cases of glaucoma, and eight cases of cancer.
In January-March 2018, 56,515 risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases and other pathological conditions and diseases were registered.

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