u Collective for the Commune I Peri writes to the Presidents of the Executive and the Assembly of Corsica

The 4G telecommunications relay antenna project, which will become 5G, on our land has sparked urgency in our hearts and the desire to position ourselves as resistant to this establishment in this beloved territory rich in nature and of humanity.

What are we fighting against?
While the municipal council, leading mayor, presents heritage as one of its major concerns, they, the municipal council and the mayor, have decided to sacrifice San Larenzu Vecchju, one of the most emblematic sites of our municipality. in the name of telephony.
Indeed, since time immemorial this site has contained the foundations of a chapel dedicated to the patron saint of the village, identified by Mrs. Morachini Mazel as dating at least from the 10th century (Cahier Corsica 1990).
Do we have to sacrifice memory? Should we let it happen?
An application for a building permit, from the telephone operator Free, was submitted on August 29, 2018; a favorable opinion was given by the mayor on August 31, 2018 and the building permit was granted on November 29, 2018, without any consultation with the population: a project tied up on the sly.
On a happier note, but not at all sarcastic, we cannot fail to remember that since the collective has existed, the mayor of Peri has been “escorted” by gendarmes (very professional and sympathetic), in his own town , during public information meetings!
Are we vulgar delinquents, a bunch of thugs?
What contempt and what humiliation for citizens who only ask for explanations as to the municipality’s project to set up this “magnificent” telecommunications antenna, which will disfigure the village’s horizon for a long time.
An online petition has collected 419 signatures to date, is still available at the link below. A lawsuit before the administrative court of Bastia is underway against the telephone operator Free and the town hall of Peri.

Global Earth Keeper, like some associations, movements and political parties are revolting against the implementation of 4G antennas on the Cuscionu plateau and in Bavella. Our collective joined the Quenza event on July 23, 2020.
As this NGO says very well “Stop delirium, stop madness, it is time to mobilize and act against those who have decided to destroy our living environment and the biodiversity that surrounds us, against those whose meaning of life is profit, only. The worshipers of the “golden calf” are supported by a host of local decision-makers, under the pretext of the safety of summer adventurers, due to the tourist flow ”

Why turn to you as a last resort?
The Assembly of Corsica met in Ajaccio on 30 and 31 July 2020 for a special session, with the sensitive issue of 5G in Corsica on the agenda. The President of the Assembly, Mr. Talamoni, presented a very nice text on the issue, asking that “in line with his declaration of ecological and climate urgency, our Assembly is in favor of a moratorium on the deployment of the “5G”, so that the debate on this subject can take place in Corsica and waiting for independent and objective studies on health impacts, to be available. On July 31, 2020, the Corsican Assembly unanimously approved a request for a moratorium on the deployment of 5G on the island.
Cullettività di Corsica: Project for the installation of mobile telephone antennas in Bavedda and Cuscionu: respect for and protection of these remarkable sites must remain a top priority in the choices to be made.
Of course we agree with this decision.
Also think of 4G telecommunications antennas, placed where memory or natural sites are massacred.
Please, Distinguished Presidents, accept our sincere greetings. Fratiddanza.
The Collective for the Municipality of I Peri.


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