U.S. telecommunications companies temporarily restrict 5G power due to flight safety reasons


American telecommunications companies AT&T and Verizon have spent a large amount of investment to prepare for the local implementation of 5G services with C-band spectrum, but now there is a little episode. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the telecommunications company sent a letter to the FCC on Wednesday stating that it would limit 5G power in the next six months because of the FAA’s investigation of flight safety in the C-band spectrum.

AT&T and Verizon mentioned in the letter that although they have confidence in 5G technology for flight safety, they will also limit the power of 5G services until July 6 next year in order to meet the FAA’s request for additional analysis. But at the same time ensure that the measures will not affect the service. On the other hand, the two companies also agreed at the beginning of this month to delay the official launch of C-band spectrum by one month to January 2022.

According to the FAA, after the C-band spectrum is widely used, it may cause interference to the altimeters on some aircraft and affect the landing of the aircraft, especially when the weather environment is poor, which may increase the risk.

In other words, AT&T and Verizon are also reluctant to delay the implementation of C-band. After all, they have invested a total of US$68.8 billion to use this 5G spectrum, and the cost of related infrastructure is also US$15 billion, which is a huge investment. .