U.S. woman died of corona infection after confirmed lung transplant

Brain dead donor initially determined negative
Fever symptoms three days after the recipient’s surgery
He died in two months… Lung test result’positive’

The first reported case of death after contracting a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) through organ transplantation was reported in the United States.

On the 22nd, Fox News and others quoted a medical report published in the medical magazine’US Transplantation Journal’, saying, “A woman living in Michigan who received a lung transplant from a female patient with Corona 19 died of Corona 19 after surgery last fall.” Told. One medical staff who participated in the transplant was also confirmed as Corona 19 four days after the operation.

The woman who received the lung transplant was a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The donor was from the Midwest of the United States and suffered severe brain damage in a car accident and suffered brain death. Prior to the transplant surgery, the medical staff collected nasal secretions from the two patients and conducted a corona19 diagnostic test. As a result, all of them were negative, and the operation was performed, and the infection was confirmed after the operation.

At that time, the transplant surgery ended smoothly, but three days later, a woman who received a lung transplant showed symptoms such as a sudden fever, low blood pressure, and lack of oxygen. When this patient even suffered septic shock, the medical staff proceeded to retest Corona 19. When the test was conducted with a sample taken directly from the lungs instead of the patient’s nasal discharge, this time it was positive for Corona 19. Dr Daniel Cole, an expert on transplant infectious diseases at the hospital, diagnosed that it was impossible to concurrently treat COVID-19, such as administering remdesivir, an antiviral treatment, to patients who received organ transplants. . “Infections through organ donation are very rare, with only 1% of transplant recipients witnessed,” Cole said. If the result of the Corona 19 test was positive in the first place, the lung would not have been transplanted.” Reporter Shin Ah-hyung go to reporter page abro@donga.com>

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