UAE .. A financial manager embezzles 11 million dirhams and escapes

Khabarni – The competent court in Dubai, in the UAE, sentenced a financial manager of a major commercial establishment in absentia to three years in prison, after being convicted of embezzling 11 million and 97 thousand dirhams, equivalent to three million dollars, and fleeing to his country.

The local newspaper, “Al-Khaleej”, reported on Monday that the court had convicted the accused of seizing the salaries of his company’s employees, in addition to stealing about 8 million dirhams from a safe at his workplace, before fleeing to his homeland.

The newspaper pointed out that the case began when one of the owners of the institution received, last May, a letter and some documents (which turned out to be fake later), stating that the company’s headquarters had been raided by the police and the seizure of funds estimated at 7 million and 700 thousand dirhams from the safe, which is under the responsibility of The financial director and then removed him administratively.

The agent of the owners of the establishment explained that the police started the investigation after he submitted a report to them to inquire about the message that reached one of the owners.

He pointed out that an internal investigation was opened in the institution and the surveillance cameras installed inside it were reviewed, and it was found that the financial director had opened at dawn on the day he was absent to open the safe and stole 7.7 million dirhams.

The internal investigations also revealed that the fugitive director seized 3 million and 200 thousand dirhams of employee salaries, and indicated that the convict transferred himself 4 months’ salaries estimated at 143 thousand within only 40 days.

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