UAE creates record, No Covid death in last 24 hours | Record‌UAB UAE, 24 hours without covid deaths … !!

UAE: Covid death is reported in the UAE as an unreported day. Today, 277 people have been diagnosed with the disease, according to reports released by the country.

Out of 3,30,693 tests conducted in different parts of the country, 277 new Kovid patients were identified. This information was released by the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

In addition, 329 people who were in treatment today recovered. It is a great achievement that no Kovid deaths have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours.

Kovid mortality rate in the UAE is 0.2%. This is 2% lower than the global average.

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Vaccination was actively implemented to prevent the spread of Kovid. According to officials, the number of people receiving the vaccine will increase and the number of patients will decrease. At the same time, the Ministry of Health states that 91% of the country’s population has already received a single dose of the Kovid vaccine.

So far, Kovid has confirmed a total of 7,35,457 people in the UAE. Of these, 7,27,845 were cured. The total death toll in the country was 2,094. Currently, 5,518 Kovid patients are being treated.

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