UAZ showed updated Patriot for DPS


The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant presented an updated version of the Patriot model, which is intended for service in DPS. Especially for the needs of the traffic police car equipped with a loudspeaker, video surveillance system, an additional power source, as well as a special partition in the cabin between the first and second row of seats. Optionally, “Patriot” for DPS can be equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system of the engine compartment, a speed meter, a radio station, and a pre-start warming up of the engine.

Recall that the updated "Patriot" was introduced last fall. The starting price of the updated car is 794,000 rubles. At the same time, in order for the ordered UAZ 2019 model year to have a 150-horsepower engine, as well as a modified suspension, you need to additionally pay 20 thousand. In the maximum configuration, "UAZ" can boast the presence of climate control, rear view camera, front and rear parking sensors, roof rails, modern multimedia system and other equipment.


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