In a call of 9 minutes and 26 seconds, a representative from the customer service Uber apologized to Lucia after her complaint on the platform by the cThe behavior of a driver who forced her to get out of a moving car on the Mexico-Pachuca highway.

At 8:45 am this Tuesday they called him to follow up on the report of the driver of the car with license plates NDF8970 in which they asked him for more details about what happened.

“They told me they were going to record the call and I told them what happened, they asked me specifically if he had made sexual advances or violent attitudes against me, which he did not do. I asked them if the use of the base, the change of route and the request for cash was not mandatory, but they said no. The only thing they noticed was wrong was the fact that he used his cell phone and texted while driving. Almost almost that it was the only scratch they put, “he said in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL.

On the request for cash because supposedly the tag to pay the booth did not work, they only took the report. They also told her that “they understood that she was worried” and asked her if she would file a complaint that would notify them via email. They also told him that Uber would never send that driver to him again.

“I get the feeling that as long as they wash their hands, nothing really changes. The only thing formally to draw the attention of his driver was that he was grabbing his cell phone. Everything seemed circumstantial, and he was not rude or made any insinuation of any kind, it seemed that everything was arranged for their benefit. It was as if they told me ‘it is not our fault, it is that the State of Mexico is ugly, we have already called her and we have already complied,’ ”says Lucía.

In the call, Uber staff told Lucía that the company understood how it had reacted “to everything that happens in the country” and they assured that Uber was very concerned about improving care. However, there was no comment on whether they would carry out an internal investigation on the driver’s behavior, on the change of route, why he did not stop when he asked to get off and that he even accelerated while Lucía opened the car door in the booth on the Mexico highway -Pachuca.

When asked if Lucía will report it, she comments that she continues to analyze it because she asks “what would the crime be? That the driver did not bring a cell phone base to see the route, that he changed the route? That’s how apps work, unfortunately the crime is reported when something bad has already happened ”.

Lucia says she is calm with the decision she made and that she prefers to be mistrustful than to have stayed to find out what would happen if she took any exit from Mexico-Pachuca to any state in the country.

“I know how I felt and how I experienced it, but now it even seems that I exaggerated, am I wrong? my photo with all your contacts to find me. I don’t regret having made it public either, ”he says.

When asked if he would change his application or return to public transport or what mobility options he would take, he assures what is known by many: no means of transport is safe in the State of Mexico.

“I saw many comments from exaggerated old people, poor drivers… the feeling that remains is between hopelessness and impotence, due to the insecure conditions that exist in Ecatepec and in the State of Mexico. This is where I have my house, and of course I would like to move, but it is not solved either, the conditions should change. But moving is a false sense of security, I would like the application service to be regulated or for there not to be so much violence, that we were not in the red in femicide, and I think that is what most want, but it is more complex than that.

I’m not going to stay locked up in my house, I have to go out and neither public transport nor private transport platforms are completely safe, and acquiring a car is in medium-term plans, but it really is an investment that involves other costs and not anyone can.

My daughter will enter high school and for now it will be online, but she will have to leave because I cannot lock her up, and she will face the reality that we are all exposed, ”he concludes.


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