Uber Eats is expanding in Germany

Dhe food delivery service of the Uber Group is expanding in Hesse. The company announced that Uber Eats is now also available in Darmstadt. A spokesman said that Darmstadt residents had previously tried 12,000 times to order food from Uber Eats. “We were eagerly awaited.”

You can now choose from 50 restaurants in the city, but the range and delivery area will be expanded. The company announced that the delivery service can now be used in more than 50 cities throughout Germany. In addition to Darmstadt, the Rhine-Main area includes the cities of Frankfurt, Bad Homburg, Neu-Isenburg, Oberursel and Offenbach.

The market for restaurant delivery services is highly competitive. In addition to Uber Eats, the biggest competitors in the region include market leaders Lieferando and Wolt. These providers deliver food orders from restaurants and takeaways. Deliveries are made either by our own drivers or by couriers from the restaurants. Start-ups like Gorilla and Flink, on the other hand, offer supermarket products.