Uber Eats will allow you to order marijuana in Canada, but will not deliver it

The private transport app Uber, recently partnered with a retailer of cannabis in Canada to allow the purchase of marijuana through your food delivery platform Uber Eats.

However, the agreement does not include the delivery of marijuana orders, but allows Ontario users to order products from Tokyo Smoke in a dedicated section in the app Uber Eats.

For Ontario customers, in the app Uber Eats, you must select the category “cannabis” look for him “Tokyo Smoke”. After confirming the age, the user must direct the customer to the menu of a store Tokyo Smoke in the area to place your order, which according to Uber will be completed in an hour. The consumer then picks up their order at the Tokyo Smoke store.

The executive director of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, said in April that the company would analyze the delivery of cannabis “when the way is clear.” In February, the private transportation giant acquired Boston-based alcoholic beverage delivery service Drizly for $ 1.1 billion.

However, Pero Lantern, a delivery service of cannabis that Drizly launched in May 2020, it was not part of that deal.

The companies did not mention plans to expand to other Canadian provinces, but the chief of communications for deliveries of Uber Eats, Meghan Casserly, confirmed that the new agreement with Tokyo Smoke it is “pickup only”.

Cabnadá and recreational cannabis

Canada legalized cannabis recreational in October 2018, and cannabis sales in 2021 are projected to reach $ 4 billion in the United States.

The cannabis Recreational use is legal in 18 states, and medical marijuana use is legal in about three dozen states. However, marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, despite repeated attempts to decriminalize it.

In July, Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Ron Wyden (D-OR) released a discussion draft of legislation proposing radical reform of marijuana policy in the United States. .

You can now use emojis to search for food on Uber Eats

Recently and in order to improve the experience within its platform Uber Eats, Uber globally updated the feature “To carry out”.

The new update includes a new navigation map, which has a search bar in which users can write or put an emoji of their liking, so that, automatically, the restaurants closest to their location will appear. with the modality of withdrawal in the premises.

Therefore, a hamburger Or a sushi roll could be all you need to locate a restaurant. This tool is intended to save time, as well as being very useful if you travel to another country and do not know the word for a specific dish.

The map itself shows the restaurants in relation to their location, with symbols that make it clear what kind of food you can get there. Also, you will be able to know if you can go for your food yourself since they could be located around the corner, or if it would be smarter to request home delivery.

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