Ubisoft develops Ghostwriter, a screenwriting AI

AI is becoming a tool that we definitely can’t live without, even in the high echelons of video game development. Ubisoft recently announced that they are working on Ghostwiteran artificial intelligence whose objective is to facilitate the work of scriptwriters on the writing of the dialogues of NPCs (non-playable people).

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🔑 Key info Ubisoft La Forge develops Ghostwriter internally; Ghostwriter mainly works on the dialogues of non-playable characters
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The development of Ghostwriter, an AI for video game scriptwriters

Developed by Ubisoft La ForgeGhostwriter is an artificial intelligence (AI) designed to facilitate the work of video game scriptwriters. The main objective of this AI is toreduce the workload of narrative designers by automating some daunting tasksallowing them to focus on more important aspects of game creation.

The main features of Ghostwriter

  • Propose several formulations to diversify the dialogues
  • Improve the conversational skills of non-player characters (NPCs)
  • Requires human input to validate AI-created dialogs

However, although Ghostwriter is an AI, it is not fully automated and always requires human intervention to ensure the quality and relevance of the dialogues offered. In sum, the intervention of the scriptwriters remains necessary to validate the elements created par Ghostwriter.

The implications of using AI in the video game sector: benefits for scriptwriting and development teams

Adopting technologies like Ghostwriter can have many benefits for the scripting and development teams at Ubisoft. With this AI, screenwriters can save time and focus more on important tasks, such as creating compelling storylines or fine-tuning key dialogues. Moreover, it could also allow game developers to create more immersive and interactive experiences for players.

The Risks of Automation and Job Replacement

However, the growing use of AI in the video game industry also raises questions about the future of jobs revolving around of the creation of these games. Although Ghostwriter’s current goal is to assist screenwriters rather than replace them, it is possible that the rapid evolution of modern chatbots will make some human roles obsolete in the game development process. This could potentially lead to a decrease in the number of jobs available in this field.

Ubisoft’s financial situation and the impact of AI on its future

Ubisoft’s stock recently rose 1.85% to 22.56 euros, thanks in particular to a favorable recommendation from HSBC, which went from “Hold” to “Buy” with a target raised from 21 euros to 26 euros. This positive development could be linked, among other things, to Ubisoft’s development and investment in innovative technologies such as AI.

The outlook for 2023

By investing in innovative projects such as Ghostwriter, Ubisoft is likely to strengthen its position as akey player in the video game industry. By 2023, we can expect Ubisoft to continue to develop and improve its AI-based tools to create even more captivating experiences for players, while optimizing the work of its research teams. development and scripting.


However, Ubisoft will face several challenges to succeed in this area. First, the company should find the right balance between automation provided by technologies such as Ghostwriter and the preservation of human jobs in the creative process. In addition, it will be crucial to continue to innovate and remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

In conclusion, the introduction of AI in the video game sector, as shown by the development of Ghostwriter by Ubisoft, opens new possibilities to enhance gaming experiences et facilitate the work of development teams. Nevertheless, care should be taken to preserve the balance between technological innovation and maintaining human jobsin order to ensure a prosperous future for the video game industry.

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