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Ubisoft is being sued for alleged “internal sexual harassment”

by archyw

There has been news from for years Ubisofts sexual misconduct, many high-level executives are involved and several of them have been removed from the company. Now the French union has IT Solidarity filed a lawsuit against Ubisoft, claiming CEO Yves guillemot have helped create a culture of “institutional sexual misconduct” in the company.

At this time last year, several senior executives resigned Ubisoft back on sexual harassment allegations: Chief Creative Officer Serge Hascoët, the managing director of Ubisoft’s Canadian studios Yannis Mallat, Maxime Beland the company’s editorial vice president and VP Tommy Francois. The head of Human Resources Cécile Cornet later also resigned from the company and said that this was “in the best interests of the company” and described it Yves guillemot supposedly as someone who “is okay with toxic management as long as the results of these managers are correct. “Other senior Ubisoft employees have also been accused of sexual misconduct in the past, suggesting a worrying pattern of behavior for the company’s employees.

Since then, Solidaires Informatique has been collecting evidence of a case in which the union has all employees who participated Ubisoft have experienced sexual misconduct, publicly calls for you to join the lawsuit against the company. The organization has also filed a new complaint against a number of certain employees, citing several cases of sexual harassment and mismanagement. Among those mentioned are former employees such as François, Hascoët and Guillemot. François and Hascoët allegedly took advantage of their positions to harass multiple people and their failure to prevent the same behavior from lower-level employees.

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Yves Guillemot is only mentioned because he was complicit in the behavior of his employees and the lawsuit states: “As CEO, he is responsible for what happens within the company.” The lawsuit also includes Cécile Cornet and a number of others , unnamed members listed Serge Hascoet’s assistant is also seen as someone who took advantage of his position to harass people on Ubisoft’s service.

The union is bringing an overarching lawsuit against the company itself, claiming that Ubisoft’s policies are aimed at “keeping harassers in place” because it is “more profitable for the company than protecting its employees.” The lawyer Maude Beckers is leading the case and has carefully built it over the last year to ensure that Ubisoft will be held accountable for his actions.

While current CEO Yves Guillemot has claimed the behavior of those named in the lawsuit is “unacceptable” and “toxic” and allegedly committed to “making profound changes across the company,” many remain unconvinced by his proclamations. As for his leadership style, one might think that, given the Solidaries Informatique case in court, Guillemot and Ubisoft are going to have a tough time and an even harder time to rebuild their image if the union wins.

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