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Ubisoft is incentivising PC pre-orders for The Division 2 with a free game •

Ubisoft has revealed that The Division 2 digital pre-orders on the PC will provide incentives by offering eligible buyers a free game from a choice of three.

Under the terms of the offer, announced just one month before the release of The Division 2, PC players who pre-order a digital copy of the online shooter before March 14 will receive the standard digital edition of Watch Dogs 2. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands or Far Cry Primal is free.

Currently, Digital Division pre-orders can be made through Ubisoft's business, its "distribution partners" and the Epic Games Store. The publisher has decided to renounce the sale via Steam when selling. "Epic is still disrupting the video game industry, and a third-party digital distribution model is the latest example, and Ubisoft wants to support that."

Those who digitally pre-ordered Division 2 before the announcement are also eligible, says Ubisoft. Everyone has until 31 March to claim his game. Here you find detailed information.

If the dangling carrot of a free game is not enough to persuade you to roll up your sleeves and press the pre-order button on the PC, Ubisoft will probably hope that the upcoming open beta will be available. As announced yesterday, Xbox One, PS4 and PC players keen to experience The Division 2 prior to release will be able to participate in the open beta from March 1st to 4th.

Division 2 will start on all platforms on March 15th.


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