Ubisoft: Signature by Guillemot Brothers SE of an extension to a contract for the acquisition of securities


Claude Leguilloux , published on 17/04/2018 at 06:48

Photo credit © Reuters (Boursier.com) – Ubisoft has been informed of the conclusion of an extension of the contract between Guillemot Brothers SE and a bank dated 5 September 2016 relating to the acquisition by Guillemot Brothers SE of 4,000,008 Ubisoft shares representing at the date hereof 3,58 % of the share capital of Ubisoft. This contract (as amended) provides for the financing of this acquisition by the bank, and its hedging, for a period now extended until October 30, 2020. In this context, Guillemot Brothers SE has granted a promise of sale to the bank on the Ubisoft shares subject to the financing and the bank has made a promise to purchase the same shares. These promises are exercisable according to certain conditions stipulated by the contract, at the end of the loan, and can be settled either in securities or in cash, at the option of Guillemot Brothers SE. The shares being financed are pledged in favor of the bank, which may borrow them from Guillemot Brothers SE under certain conditions provided for in the related pledge agreement …

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