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Original title: Uduka: Smart and Horford can play at full force without time limit

On May 20th, Beijing time, the G2 of the Eastern Conference finals, the Heat VS Green Army, will start today at the home of the Heat.

The two starters of the Celtics were absent in the last game, which had a certain impact on the Celtics and eventually lost the game. This game, Smart and Horford will usher in a comeback.

Coach Uduka talked about Horford’s situation in a pre-match interview. He said: “Horford passed all the restrictions and tests of health and safety protocols. He feels good and can come back. It’s really nice to see him back.”

Uduka revealed that both Horford and Smart can play at full force tonight, with no time limit.

Heat coach Spoelstra talked about the return of the two generals in the Green Army. He said: “This is also the team we are ready to face in G1. This is very good. You don’t want to see anyone miss the game because of positive or injured.”

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