UEFA change the rules of the transfer market

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the madness of Chelsea in the transfer market, spending 500 million euros since last summer, has raised certain suspicions in the UEFA on the way in which the London team is financing these signings, amortizing these new additions in up to nine years, well above the five established by the regulations of the highest European body.

As explained by AS diaryUEFA established that period of five years, but at the same time gave the teams a free hand to overcome it depending on the permissiveness of the league in which it occurred, that changed radically after these last movements of Chelesa, forcing the UEFA all the teams to meet the maximum set by them, something that would be activated for the summer market, which allows the team that leads Graham Potter follow the plan that has been marked out in this winter market of which there is barely a week left.

Clubs push UEFA

The same information ensures that there have been several great Europeans who, attentive to this play by ChelseaThey have knocked on the door of the UEFA to change the regulations, in order to make it fairer for everyone, accepting the body that joint complaint that, as we say, is on the way to restricting that amortization that can mean a before and after in a transfer market.

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