UEFA Investigates Referee Slawomir Mentzen’s Far-Right Party Participation Ahead of Champions League Final

The UEFA investigates the designated referee for the Champions League final, the Pole Slawomir Mentzenafter participating in an act of a far-right party in his country.

The organization will assess the facts and can withdraw the referee of the match that will be played by Manchester City and Inter Milan on June 10, as has been announced The Guardian.

The referee, who was also responsible for arbitrating the final of the Qatar World Cupdelivered a speech at a rally of the far-right party led by Slawomir Mentzen, openly anti-Jewish and anti-gay.

Among the slogans of Confederation Partyled by Mentzen, highlights some such as “We are against Jews, gays, abortion, taxes and the European Union.”

On the event website itself, under the name of EverestSzymon Marciniak is introduced as a speaker, with a photo during a match and a uniform of the FIFAaccompanied by a description of your professional career.

2023-06-01 21:37:30

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