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Portugal 4-0 away

At 02:45 on September 25th, Beijing time (20:45 on the 24th, Czech local time), the fifth round of the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League Group A2 will start. Portugal beat the Czech Republic 4-0 away, Dalot scored twice , B fee pass and shot, C Ronaldo sent a point and assisted Jota to score. Portugal’s first away win in the group stage.

In the 32nd minute, Leo made a pass from the left side of the penalty area, and Dalot swept into the net from the small penalty area. Halftime stoppage time, Mario Rui made a cross from the left, and B Fei scored a close-range push, 2-0. Then Ronaldo was fouled with a handball when defending a corner kick, but Schick took a penalty kick and hit the crossbar.

Portugal 1-0, DalotPortugal 1-0, Dalot
Portugal 2-0, fee BPortugal 2-0, fee B
Ronaldo send someRonaldo send some

In the 52nd minute, B Fei passed the ball, and Dalot shot into the lower left corner from 25 yards, 3-0. In the 82nd minute, Horta took a corner kick, Ronaldo nodded the ball before the ferry, and Jota scored a header from close range, 4-0.

Portugal 3-0, DalotPortugal 3-0, Dalot
Portugal 4-0, JotaPortugal 4-0, Jota

Portugal (4-2-3-1): 22-Costa; 2-Dalot, 4-Dias, 13-Pereira (84′, 17-Joao-Mario), 19-Rui ; 18- Neves, 14- Carvalho (77′, 6- Palinha); 10- Bernardo (67′, 20- Horta), 8-B fee (67′, 11- Nu Niez), 15-Leo (67′, 21-Jota); 7-C Ronaldo

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